Andy Chen is a graduate of Jiao-tong university and Stanford university (MS&E).

After Stanford, Andy worked at HP on X.25, Frame Relay and IBM’s SNA mainframe Networks as part of HPUX.

After HP, Andy joined Novell initially as a system engineer and later in Channel Sales when LAN started to take off. Novell achieved 65% of global LAN marketshare in competition with 3COM and Microsoft, etc.

As LAN started to mature from workgroup to the enterprise level, Andy was hired by Banyan Network to head up its Asia operations, based in Hong Kong. Banyan just went IPO and its Banyan Vines StreetTalk was the most scalable and secured enterprise network in the world. Andy traveled extensively across the entire AsiaPAC/Japan.

Andy later moved family back in the Valley to join Cisco’s Corporate BD. Andy’s role was to lead global VoIP softSwitch partnership and ecosystem with companies such as HP’s Opencall group (part of HP Telecom Division based in Grenoble France). The success of VoIP industry today can be attributed to the efforts accomplished then.

When Mobile started to take off, Andy joined Motorola to lead its corporate BD for partnership and ecosystem development.

Andy later became a consultant at Skype where he led the effort of taking Skype embedded software to all major ODMs / OEMs to build Skype embedded devices. eBay acquired Skype in 2005 for $4B (and again by Microsoft for $8B in 09).

Andy later joined Oracle to lead global strategic partnership with Huawei in sell-to, sell-thru, sell-with and helped Huawei expand outside of China. Today, much of these partnership and alliances “best practices” have been deeply incorporated into both companies’ DNA fabric.

Andy later became the Chief Business Officer (CBO) at NuPSYS – a venture funded network management startup for 2.5 years.

Currently Andy has been an advisor in IOT, as well as deep learning for healthcare, self driving cars and robotics. He helped startups raise funding and advising on corporate strategy, ecosystem and partnership globally.

Andy is eager to keep up with the learning in AI Neural networks and deep learning algorithms.

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