Dr. Bernard Casse is a seasoned technical leader and strategist with a demonstrated track record of developing innovative technologies, leading world-class teams, and over delivering on complex multidisciplinary projects. He is a co-founder and former CTO of Metawave Corporation (A Xerox PARC spin-out). At Metawave, he hired most of the core engineering team and led all aspects of the company’s technological strategy, roadmap and vision.

Prior to that, he was an Area Manager at Xerox PARC, where he secured, led and managed multi-year, multi-million dollar contracts from the Government and Fortune 500 companies. He was also involved in building new labs / infrastructure, hiring talent, as well as technology development with manufacturing partners, technology transition to the private sector, and licensing deals.

Before PARC, Dr. Casse was a program manager at Physical Sciences Inc. (PSI), where he managed more than half a dozen million-dollar U.S. Government-sponsored defense programs. At PSI, he also contributed to over a dozen programs across enterprises, and made significant contributions to two sensor products on the market. In his past life, Dr. Casse was a postdoc at Northeastern University, and was a user at the Harvard’s CNS and Brookhaven National Lab’s CFN. Dr. Casse holds a PhD in Physics from the National University of Singapore and was a member of the technical staff at the Singapore Synchrotron Light Source.

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