Mark Licht is an entrepreneur with over 25 years of experience in the formation, financing and operations of wireless location services and technology companies. Mark founded three high profile companies in the telematics and IOT markets including Teletrac (250,000 fleet subscribers now part of Danaher), Ituran (publicly traded on Nasdaq with 800,000 vehicles in service) and SigmaOne Communications (E911 technology provider).   Mark Licht is both an investor in the telematics industry and currently serves on the Boards and Advisory Boards of a number of fleet management, traffic information, cybersecurity, data mining, and OEM focused telematics companies.

Mark is President of Licht & Associates, a strategic advisory services firm that conducts strategic business analysis, develops business and operating plans, evaluates market opportunities and technology trends, assists with financing,  and proposes alternative business strategies for CEO’s and their executive teams in the telematics, IOT and LBS industry.  In that capacity Mr. Licht has worked with investment bankers, private equity funds, as well as directly with Boards and management teams of companies in the US, Latin America and Europe in exploring strategic investments, acquisitions and the sale of companies in the telematics market.

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